What We Do

  • Sustainable business and management development strategies.
  • Demystifying and giving clarity to the meaning of business sustainability and how it can be integrated into your organization.
  • Leadership Coaching / Mentoring – (individuals) in a mindful way.
  • Recruitment issues and why certain character traits and acumen is a prerequisite for organizations that aim for sustainability.   How you hire managers is one of the most important tasks a company endures due to its subsequent influence on your organization.  A good leader can do wonders for your organization and be a source of sustained growth.  A bad hire? “Well, that is a whole different story…”
  • Offering short-term and cost-effective executive assignment to organizations that need someone on short notice to manage in a period of transition, crises or change.
  • Providing both functional and industry sector expertise, while maintaining impartiality and objective thinking.
  • Supporting businesses in managing organizational troubleshooting, turnarounds, and execution of required change.
Ship Management
  • Energy Efficiency strategies.
  • Fuel Saving strategies.
  • Supervising / Couching / Mentoring of Fleet Managers and Superintendent.
  • Providing expert advice and industry expertise on Ship Dry Docking and negotiation strategies based on more than 20 years of experience, worldwide. Substantial savings potential through Best Practices!