Who are we

Corp360 is following Business Sustainability ideologies, with a primary focus on the Maritime Industry. Our assumption is that when it comes to the future of how to develop a sustainable business, you should start sooner rather than later.  Focusing on developing “sustainable leadership” at all organizational levels, not only senior levels, will be paramount to achieving Corporate Sustainability.


What differentiates the great and sustainable companies from the merely average one is the level of understanding of organizational behavior, intellectual level and emotional intelligence (OB+IQ+EQ=success) among their managers and employees.  Companies populated with average and above IQ & EQ personnel have the best shot at creativity and innovation and in accepting change.  Others fail to motivate their people and fail to learn from their past mistake because they are too short-term oriented or are emotionally deprived, or just unable to understand people and organizations.  They fail on the basics: finding, forming and motivating their people to realize worthwhile strategic goals and targets set by the company.  Instead they are stress carriers for all those around them, causing a mental and physical health hazard. They are a major cause of organizational stress.  They appear to have a “distinct different” view of the world and often can alone break and destroy otherwise good organizations.  In contrast, good leaders have a tangible effect on all aspects of organizational performance; some are clearly better than others, but the cost of destructive leaders, whose actions ruin organizations and companies are very high.  


While we will guide you to what we believe are some of the most promising opportunities for reenergizing your business, we are humble enough to know that our inventiveness and foresight alone are no substitute for those of a multitude. So rather than us trying to sell you our point of view about the future, we want to help you build your own. Our goal is to be a catalyst and give you the “thoughts” that will allow you to build your own agenda for reenergizing your business. To help you, we will be your coach and mentor in devising your vision, developed together and with your team.


We believe all organizations are capable of real transformation without going through the typical drama and trauma of change usually associated with it. We believe in companies that actually understand the passion and creativity of their employees and who want to draw out the very best that people have to give.  To move from a business-as-usual state of mind to an cost efficient and sustainable business are crucial challenges for any company that aspire to thrive in the turbulent times ahead—but they can be conquered only by innovation and/or revitalization of present business strategies.


So our services are for thinkers and doers. It’s for everyone who feels they need to change but not sure how to approach it, but who looks for support.  Who secretly believes that the bottleneck is at the top of the bottle.  Who wonders why organizational life has to be so complicated, who thinks that employees really are a business’ intelligent capital.  Who feel that the management, as currently practiced, might not be optimal, and wants to do something about it. If that’s you, then we welcome you to contact us for an initial consultation.

“I am offering an opportunity to make a difference”

Svein Rosenberg